Some of our members pay a very small monthly fee to attend the Casper Boxing Club, however 98% of them are here on scholarships. It costs much more each year to provide each child with innovative and fun programs delivered by our trained and caring staff members.

There are several ways to donate. For monetary donations, please click below and become a friend of the gym. Each donation is tax deductible through our non-profit status.

Free Giving Opportunities

Become a USA Boxing Official and be front row ringside at all of our shows scoring bouts. Becoming an official for USA Boxing has its perks, especially for boxer's parents and family members that would like to be a larger part in their boxer's sport. There are discounted travel prices, free show entrances, etc. Casper Boxing Club is ALWAYS looking for new USA Boxing officials. We have the capability to provide all necessary training for this right here in Casper at the local CBC.

Get your name on the volunteer list! Casper Boxing Club is almost 100% volunteer ran. We NEED them! We utilize our volunteers for fundraising functions as well as all of our shows. Putting your name on this list will make certain that you are included in our volunteer letter that goes out prior to every event.

Talk Us Up!!! Come into the gym, let us know that you are there to learn more about our program because you are interested in free giving or monetary giving for that matter and you will receive three free classes of your choice and also a personal tour of the facility, and a description of all that we offer. We can not, and will not ask for someone to help us in any fashion without them being able to see with their own eyes what exactly it is that we are doing.

Do you have a talent??? Share it with us!!! Are you an artist? Are you a musician, a poet, a seamstress??? The sky is the limit on this one. We need local talented people in our community for a variety of things, from live music at our shows and fundraisers, to silent auction items, to boxer apparel design, to decorating our gym. There can never be enough talent in one place! If you got, it show it! We will be very happy to share with everyone in the community your amazing talent.