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Where Boxing Creates Potential & Healthy, Productive Lives in Casper, WY

It is the mission of Casper Boxing Club to promote sportsmanship, responsibility, integrity, loyalty, and individuality through education, dedication, desire, and a commitment to maximize excellence. We carry out our mission by using physical fitness, police interaction, and positive shipments as a mechanism to deter behavioral problems, aggression and substance abuse, and by instilling a paradigm-centered approach upon critical thinking and self-control.

Our mission is three-fold; using the body and mind as a catalyst to bring about change in the world; restoring at risk youth's foundations and inspiring them to aim high. Our main focus is to create an environment for such individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity, to reach young people who have been written off as "unreachable," and to restore their potential by offering them a chance to live healthy, positive, and productive lives.Call us today to learn more about our mission and programming opportunities.

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Still looking to learn more about boxing? Take a look at the USA Boxing website for more information about who is winning and how you can too!

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